Welcome To Kaurd is an introductory Dungeons and Dragons 4E campaign spanning levels 1 through 5.

The Campaign begins with five characters who have been recently discharged from the military, after being drafted a year earlier. The Congregation of Independent States have spent the last three years waging a war against their parent empire of Kanly. While the Congregation was successful in defeating Kanly and throwing their military out of the Congregation and past the mountain range, most of their volunteer army had been destroyed, reduced to only a few divisions of elite veterans. In order to field enough troops to prevent Kanly simply winning by attrition, the last year of the war was fought mainly by conscript troops, drafted into the army and maintained mostly by the promise of one hundred gold pieces at the completion of the war. After the rogue Norah Stormborn defeated the leader of Kanly’s forces in single combat at The Great Gates, the war ended.

Unfortunately for the draftees, the Congregation removed the cost of their training from the balance of their hundred gold pieces. Even heirloom items were removed from this balance, leaving many soldiers disgruntled. They were told they could plead their case at Kaurd, where Garrett Grandhammer was now the Governor.

Four soldiers in particular were unappy with this result. A dwarf warlord, named Fardain Foepicker, was upset that they had charged him for his ancestral warpick, and set about gathering a group to go complain. Three other soldiers, a half elf ranger named Carric Godwinson, a tiefling wizard named Kiria, and a human wizard named William McCoy all stepped forward to help him plead his case, and possibly receive the rest of their earnings. The former soldiers, most of whom had been drafted despite not being from the area of Kanly that had now become the Congregation, knew that they were unlikely to get their back pay. After all They had been part of the 101st division, led by The Reverend Manx, and had therefore not made a particularly large contribution to the war effort. Still, they figured it was worth a shot, and the four soldiers joined up with a pair of locals from their division and made their way to Kaurd.

Unfortunately, one of Kanly’s leftover Battlebriars killed their guides, leaving them lost in the wilderness. After frantically searching for shelter against the oncoming night, they stumbled upon a cave. In the back wall of the cave, they party stumbles upon a secret entrance, leading to the lost tomb of Barrion Brokenhorn. The tomb itself has been modified, becoming a gauntlet that leads to a den of slavers operating in the area. Here they rescued a captive dragonborn fighter named Rusty, along with a dozen elven slaves. They also found a map of the Congregation, marked with large red Xs, one of which lay on top of Kaurd. Despite this, they traveled to the city and made their way inside, hoping to use their knowledge of slavers to convince the governor they deserved the balance of their pay.

Welcome to Kaurd